Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Dave Evans

Just received this in the email this morning from Mandrake. Very sad news.

Dear All

In case you've not already heard, the founder(?) of this list [Society for the Academic Study of Magic] and the one time journal JSM just died after a long journey with illness,

here's a post from Al Cummings:

"Today I found out that a good friend of mine - the teacher, writer, and magician, Dave Evans - has died.

Dave had been terminal for some time - something he seems to have kept from the vast majority of people who knew him, myself included. Faced with a choice of debilitating treatments with slim chance of helping in a hospital bed, or going on a massive adventure round the world seeing beautiful natural wonders, Dave understandably chose the latter.

I met Dave when I first moved to Bristol. A former student of my supervisor - not to mention himself an academic and an occultist - Dave was an incredibly supportive friend to me. He leant me books, introduced me to other lovely fascinating people, put me up on academic email lists, cooked some amazing curries, and shared some brilliant stories. He helped me publish one of my first articles.

Dave was a passionate, funny, independent, and kind person. He was a good man.

I will be very, very sorry not to hear from him again, but I am very pleased to have known him, and glad he left on his own terms happy with his decisions.

Eleutheria and all that. Free at last.

Take care, mate. xxx


You can read an interview with Dave here  http://ethandoylewhite.blogspot.de/2012/12/an-interview-with-dr-dave-evans.html

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